About Us

MILLIES,  Manufactures  &  deals in Mens  Accessories  such as Men Socks and Handkerchief.

Our product in the COCCI LORENZO brand , is in line with International standards and has fared well making a presence of itself in many European and Asian countries.
Constantly upgrading ourselves to meet consumer demand will be our highest priority.

Men Handkerchief:
Handkerchiefs are a part of Man’s accessories, used on a daily basis.
Our aim has been to strive for Quality along with pleasant designs.
All our men handkerchiefs are made of 100% cotton, of combed yarn which has a soft feeling and pleasurable to use.

Men Socks:
Socks have become a daily use in one’s life at work and play.
Our concentration on the socks for the user has been to bring to them the utmost comfort in their daily use.
Our socks, made of Mercerized Cotton, fit in snugly on the feet.